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Move from complexity to simplicity with the NEOS HR Apps

As your business grows, HR plays a more central role in collecting, storing, and reporting on a range of employee information. 


Across the entire employee life cycle, records must be created, and reports generated to different audiences, including employees, supervisors, managers, and external agencies.  Spreadsheets, Word documents and standardised forms are no longer the appropriate tools to use. 


The traditional HR response is to add more and more complexity to policies and procedures. We don't. We help organisations implement simple systems that will deliver better information on demand to the right people, by replacing your traditional spreadsheets, Word documents and standardised forms with our user-friendly, Web-based BARS-interface approach. ​

"Over the past 10 years I’ve had to do so many appraisals and never has any of my team members ever even remotely suggested that they saw any value in these. We did all the paperwork, got all the signatures and had the discussions but nothing ever came from it. It was a good time to catch up on coffee though.  Something should change”

Jan Victor - Lead I&C Designer (Perth WA)


Psychological Safety Questionnaire

The NEOS HR Psychological Safety Questionnaire removes the complexity o assessing and managing psychological hazards in the workplace.  Using our unique 2-tranche design, the App recognises emerging issues and trends at the click of a button. Simple, quick, and cost effective.

Proactive Reengagement

The NEOS HR Proactive Re-Engagement App (sometimes called Positive Performance Management) allows you to successfully manage the Re-Engagement/Positive Performance Management process  in 7 simple steps.  From planning, through to the difficult conversation and then the agreed plan, The App provides consistent process and quality control as well as built in  administration, management decision making  and reporting. Simple, quick and cost effective.

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Working from home

The NEOS HR Working from Home feature allows any employee to self-assess and report in 9 clicks.  They can also recommend simple solutions where their safety may be considered at risk.  Ready now, or customisable to match your specific needs. Simple, quick and cost effective.


Performance Reviews

The NEOS Performance Review feature transitions your existing paper-based or electronic forms into Behavioural Rating Scales and technology.  This reduces the time required by up to 80%, makes the conversation easy and meaningful, and takes care of the paperwork; all at the click of a button.  Simple, quick and defendable.

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Position Descriptions

The NEOS HR Position Description feature introduces 100% Quality Control over the development and changes of your PDs, ensures alignment to your remuneration matrix and/or Award conditions, simplifies format changes and manages history and version control. Simple, quick and cost effective.

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Risk Assessments

The NEOS HR Risk Assessment feature keeps things simple and streamlines the process of developing risk assessments. Pre-built templates allow you to quickly identify your projects risks with industry standard samples and suggested preventative actions.  By allowing you to you can be confident you've covered every scenario and will be able to meet your regulatory requirements.

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Organisation Charts

The NEOS HR Organisation Chart feature allows you to manage your Organisation Chart and all changes using a simple ‘click and drag’ interface.  A CSV Import/export process is available to ensure consistence with payroll or other records your may be using.


Business Reporting

The NEOS HR business reporting feature allows business unit managers to report on relevant KPIs and proactively identify explanations of solutions to specific areas of concern.  Literally by 5pm on the last day of the month the CEO can review each business areas report and focus on managing specific areas of concern immediately. 

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"Thank you Mark your approach to this problem makes sense".           


Terry Shiundu - Africa

Recruitment Request

Combining Behavioural Rating Scales and technology, the NEOS HR Recruitment Request feature enables you to provide all necessary management data at the touch of your smart screen.  The App automatically generates your recruitment request.


Candidate Assessments

Combining Behavioural Rating Scales and technology, the NEOS HR Candidate Assessment feature enables you to pin-point candidate strengths and weaknesses at the touch of your smart screen.  The App automatically generates assessment reports.

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Probation Reviews

Using pre-defined templates specific to your business, the NEOS HR Probation Review feature structures the conversation for you and automatically generates a quality-controlled report you can pass to HR.  Simple, quick and defendable.


Training Needs Analysis

Pre-configured to the skills of your workforce, the NEOS HR TNA feature provides this relevant skills data instantly, with the ability to update and change as your business needs change.

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Job Evaluation

The NEOS HR Job Evaluation feature reduces assessment and reporting time to minutes, rather than days.  The App guarantees assessment against the correct classification criteria used by your business and generates assessment reports that are 100% defendable upon review.


Remuneration Reviews

The NEOS HR Remuneration Review feature reduces assessment and reporting time to minutes, rather than days.  The App guarantees assessment against current market rates and can include variation from the salary band mean or median if required.  Assessment reports that are 100% defendable upon review are automatically generated by our App.

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Exit Interviews

The NEOS HR Exit Interview feature uses pre-defined templates applicable to specific locations or employment-types, enabling more precise and meaningful termination data to be collected.  ‘Big data’ that can then be analysed for more accurate understanding of turnover.


Position Analysis Questionnaires

The NEOS HR Positions Analysis Questionnaire feature reduces the time to identify changes in position accountabilities and responsibilities by up to 80%.   Using pre-defined templates specific to your KPIs and wage/ salary criteria, the App allows you to complete assessments and justify decision with 100% consistency and accuracy in in 80% less time and effort. 

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SH Training
Asset 12.png


Harassment Training

The NEOS HR Sexual Harassment Training App combines all content, assessment, and record-keeping into one simple user interface.  Users make 13 selections using a click-and-tick approach that still provides full justification, quality control and defendable outcomes in 80% less time than traditional approaches.

Simple, quick and easy.

Engagement Surveys

The NEOS HR Engagement Survey feature allows customised questions delivered in a quality controlled process. Added advantages include BARS-based survey details, configurable to meet multiple audiences and sub groups, full record keeping, and detailed reporting.

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