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Many HR mistakes are due to overly complex processes and practices 

Increasing staff engagement, management skills and agility of processes are all essential business goals.  A key driver to supporting such outcomes is to remove HR processes that are too complex, unfriendly, and/or time-consuming. 


The experienced specialists at NEOS HR will work with you to identify and co-design solutions that will free your staff to concentrate on value-adding activities.

The results of our intervention include:
  • Over 180 clients
  • Multiple industry groups
  • 80% reduction in time and effort required
  • 80% reduction in the cost of HR services
  • 80% increase in the employee experience

“A massive shout out to the inspirational Mark Shaw who reached out to me recently and has since taken me on a brainstorming journey to explore best practice Performance Management strategies from a theoretical and practical standpoint.”

Paul Ikutegbe, Post Graduate HR Academic Award winner.

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