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  • Over 200 clients
  • Multiple industry groups
  • 80% of lost time regained
  • 80% productivity improvement
  • 80% increase in the employee experience
  • 5,000 performance reviews using our App
  • 500 PRP's using our App
  • 25,000 job evaluation and/or remuneration reviews using our App
  • 400 compulsory training sessions using our App

A 25 year relationship

In 1999 our client was seeking a simple solution to assess positions against their Award criteria.

Sine then, they have continued to use the NEOS HR App that allows assessment of position against their specific Award criteria.


While HR staff have changed over the years, they have never had an assessment appealed.

Estimated cost savings = $1,600,000

Supporting Expert Knowledge

Our client relied on a highly experienced employee to advise staff pay grade assessments.  As the employee was retiring, they were seeking a system to replace his expertise. 


They selected the NEOS HR App and used it for the next 10 years. 


Over that time, thousands of assessments were completed without appeal.

Estimated cost savings = $1,200,000

Performance Reviews

Our client working in a highly unionised environment wanted a new approach to performance where the outcomes as directly linked to the payment of individual bonuses.


By selecting the NEOS HR approach, line managers conducted over 400 performance reviews in an average of 15 minutes each. 


The results included the Executive Management Team approving bonus payments in 20 minutes, no union issues, and increased staff engagement .

Estimated cost savings = $2,000,000 over 4 years

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Asset 26.png

Compulsory Training

Our client wanted to address the recently mandated psychological safety requirements in a way that minimised the employee’s time involvement while still maintaining all necessary governance, learning, and record keeping. 


They chose to use the NEOS HR App that requires employees to complete a five question self-survey. The App’s automated reporting then directs any future action. 


Staff engagement was 100% as the App was simple top use and quick to complete.  Management was happy as the results were robust and defendable.

Estimated cost savings = $10,000pa

Replacing PIPs

Our client had an employee who was so difficult to work with that they employed a contractor to do her work.  As a result, she spent her paid working time complaining and causing significant disharmony throughout the workplace.  None of the traditional interventions worked.

NEOS HR was engaged to apply its Proactive Reengagement Program (PRP). 


After just two meetings, the employee resigned.  No negative outcome such as unfair dismissal or stress claims occurred.

Estimated cost saving per case = $100,000

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“A massive shout out to the inspirational Mark Shaw who reached out to me recently and has since taken me on a brainstorming journey to explore best practice Performance Management strategies from a theoretical and practical standpoint.”

Paul Ikutegbe, Post Graduate HR Academic Award winner.

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