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Established by Mark Shaw in 1999, Mark’s extensive executive level HR experience including working in education, mining, professional services, local government, state government, and manufacturing.


Mark and his team have seen what works, and what doesn't.  They are fiercely committed to making a positive impact on the business by helping you transition your HR processes to simpler, quicker and easier ones.


This improves the HR value to managers, the employee experience, and frees HR Practitioners from their more mundane activities


Our application-based platform

  1. Converts your existing paper-based or 'clunky computer-based' HR forms and templates into modern, simple to use, data-based format.

  2. Combines with our decision making engines to create reports; significantly reducing the time and cost of HR processes.

  3. Increases the quality of the outcomes.

  4. Is significantly different to most HR software, that focus on automating workflow.

No NEOS HR-based assessment and report has been challenged through the Industrial Relations, Court or Legal systems; a record we are justifiably proud to stand behind.

Our unique approach is based on Mark’s extensive experience and not only is what differentiates us, but also what makes Mark and his team your valuable business partner.

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