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Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) are a useful tool where a skill deficiency exists.


However, PIPs are the wrong tool to use when an employee is skilled, competent, and dis-engaged.

Dis-engaged employees cost between one to five times their salary in lost productivity, actual cost, lost revenue and/or increased business risk.  For a business, this means your net profit is being eroded, for a large business this could amount to millions per annum.

​For over 25 years, the Proactive Re-engagement Programs© (PRP©) have been successful helping all types of business resolve this significant business problem, including resolving 100% of problems caused by dis-engaged employees, re-engaging of 65% of employees, and successfully defending 100% of any unfair dismissal claims that may be lodged.​

Results include:
  • Over 100 clients
  • Over 500 successful interventions
  • 80% less time, effort and cost when compared to PIPs
  • Re-engagement success rate of 65%
  • 100% success rate in defending management action and decisions

“Mark's approach to the Difficult Conversation is refreshing and valued.
He focuses on reasonable management rather than policy compliance and this leads to superior outcomes”.


Ian McDonald, Principal St Laurence’s College, Brisbane (retired).

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